Sustainability as a Driver of Innovation

BeSt researched 250 companies for the Stuttgarter Zeitung/Stuttgarter Nachrichten, which position themselves in the market through sustainable business.

These companies are already implementing sustainability with innovative approaches. For example, Porsche is developing a factory without negative environmental impacts for the production of the Taycan model. Even companies such as Schwörer Haus and Schmalz, with their innovative concepts, are examples of high economic sustainability.

We identified these companies together with the WIN Charta. The WIN Charta is an initiative of the state of Baden Württemberg for over 180 medium-sized companies in Baden Württemberg that have voluntarily committed to sustainable corporate management and organization.

Link: See Special from 18.03.2020 in the Stuttgarter Zeitung on the topic of sustainability in Baden Württemberg (German version).

All of the companies mentioned have the option of including the seal of the Stuttgarter Zeitung/Stuttgarter Nachrichten in their own communication. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact :
Karsten Eggert

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