The Smart Factory IoT Solution for your Company

BeSt Management Consultants is the sales and implementation partner as well as point of contact for your Shoplogix IoT-system in Germany and Europe.

We offer several approaches to deliver a Smart Factory appliance of Shoplogix in respect of your requirements and for the intended area of application.

Smart Factory Assessment:

  • We install a model appliance to visualise the levers and optimisation potentials of your plant machinery, cells and stations.
  • By a dashboard application, the Smart Factory appliance is able to show the sunk holes, bottlenecks and anomalies to get first information over your production performance in a quick check scenario.

Production Optimisation with Shoplogix:

  • We offer the modular and purposeful configuration and setup for your yet installed and also for a new Shoplogix installation to gain optimal results for the derivation of performance matters and the possible need for action.
  • Our experts configure the system on-site and create a dashboard that deliver an optimised overview over machinery data and performance.
  • BeSt creates ideal processes and flows within the model phase and derives an implementation plan for operational levers to improve the overall performance.
  • Within the implementation phase, the results of the model phase will be transposed to your machinery and layout settings to guarantee an ideal efficiency and effectivity improvement in terms of a sustainable futher development of your operational processes.

Description of the Shoplogix Smart Factory Platform

Shoplogix offers an application to record and visualise your production performance in real-time. The data can be transfered to your control station software systems to secure an ideal and sustainable lever of potentials. With Shoplogix, you get a new level of insight into your manufacturing processes by using this IoT solution as a new corner stone of your digitial transformation efforts.


Visualisation of your Production with Shoplogix

  • Shoplogix is able to measure and visualise your machines, stations and every object and subject of manufacturing within your plant.
  • Additionaly, there is the possibility to enrich and combine the Shoplogix IoT-solution with your machine data to get an overall view of the events of production and support you to derivate the current need for action.

Portfolio of Reportings to visualise the KPIs and Machinery Data

  • Reports for productive and unproductive timeframes to derive an activity sampling diagram or a real-time overview for specific parts of the production.
  • Easy to understand and purposeful aggregated diagrams for several productivity factors (e.g. machines, assemblies, cells).
  • Embedding of machine data by PLC to identify sunk holes and bottlenecks enriched by the reason for this unproductive times (e.g. maintenance, setting-up time).

For more detailed information, do not hesitate to keep in touch with our experts for Shoplogix IoT-solutions and Operational Excellence:

Point of Contact:
Jérémie Huss

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