Product Competence

Research & DevelopmentWe support you in the design and realisation of your future projects and products by reducing Time-to-Market.

The R&D management system forms the planning, organisation and leadership model for an effective R&D process.
It includes:

  • Definition of R&D investment subjects
  • Establishment of internal incubators
  • Corporate venturing strategies
  • Sourcing & evaluation of start-up partners
  • Structuring & negotiation of strategic partnerships
  • Creation of innovative business models
  • Project structuring (staffing, roadmap, governance)
  • Strategic and operational coaching of projects
  • Creation of innovation systems
  • Direct project management
  • POC & rapid prototyping
  • Support to portfolio decisions (e.g. M&A, spin-off)

Purchasing & Supplier ManagementIn order to increase your competitiveness related to quality, productivity, use of resources & distribution of responsibilities the internal and external business processes have to be holistically analysed and optimised.

In general, supplier management aims to provide a consistent methodology for analysing potential and existing suppliers to make strategic decisions based on the results. The relevant cornerstones are:

  • Sourcing & Procurement Strategies
  • Purchasing processes
  • Digital Procurement Transformations
  • Spend Management & Transparency
  • Order-to-Pay Automation
  • RFX Management
  • Category Management
  • Supply Risk Management

Supply Chain ManagementWe analyse and holistically optimise your internal and external business processes.

The fundamental goals of supply chain management are the optimisation and cost reduction of purposeful chains in the logistics area. The result is a flexible and requirement-based production with consistent cost optimisation. From these fundamental goals, the following sub-goals are derived:

  • Defintion of Supply Chain Performance objectives
  • Supply Chain Diagnostics
  • Supply Chain Strategy Development
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Organisation
  • Supply Chain Setup & Segmentation
  • Supply Chain Configuration
  • Supply Chain KPIs
  • Supply Chain Simulations
  • Demand, Supply & Production planning
  • Inventory Management

Lean Manufacturing & Administration, Smart FactoryIn every business unit there are some "reserves" that can allow an improvement of the operative performance. We have the methods & tools to make them transparent and eliminate waste.

A 100% customer-focused production, with minimal waste, organised in the flow, pulling from one production step to the next and in perfect quality. This is the goal of an administration and production system according to Lean Management principles. The objective of Lean Management offered by BeSt includes the following:

  • Developing of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Supply Chain Management strategies
  • Leveled flow design for lean production and supply chain structures
  • Implementing Kaizen-KVP, 5S, Visual Management, SMED and OEE management
  • Variability analysis and management
  • Bottleneck management and increasing of output
  • Designing and implementing processes for production leveling, flow, kanban and pull
  • Designing and implementing planning processes (e.g. rhythm wheels)
  • Simulating Lean Manufacturing and Lean SCM processes to calculate effects on inventories, service levels, COGS and output
  • Zero Overhead Growth & Office Excellence

Get more information about our Smart Factory approach as supporting element of the production planning and steering.

Sales, Marketing & After SalesWith our marketing and sales experts we can increase your turnover and global market presence together on a reasult-oriented basis.

A high-performance distribution inspires customers with positive individual experiences. The backbone for this: Intelligently synchronised sales channels, a clearly positioned brand and a sensibly networked product and service portfolio. Step-by-step, we will help you to become a best-in-class company in any matter of sales topics. Our portfolio includes, for example:

  • Product & Lifecycle Management
  • Customer-centric supply chains & service configurations
  • Multi-Channel Performance
  • Prospect-to-order management
  • Perfect order
  • Price & margin management
  • Improvement of customer data quality
  • After Sales Management

Subsidy Counseling & SupportWe support you by an evaluation and conclusion of several forms of subsidy offers in respect of your digitisation requirements.

Digitisation is a great financial effort for small to bigger mid-sized entrepreneurals. We help you to choose the right form of subsidy for your intended investment in digitisation. You will be accompanied by us in every thematic field until the conclusion and release of your inquiry.
Our Portfolio includes:

  • Selection of the right subsidy form and offer in terms of the lending criteria on basis of your planned investment.
  • Preparation of the documents for the requirement and subsidy request.
  • Support of the exploration and derivation of the requirements (private and public subsidy offers).
  • We accompany the negotiation until the subsidy release.
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