Market & Industry Competence

Automotive & Transportation

Automotive sector

The automotive and mobility industry is continuously changing. Competitors from outside the industry for customers and talents, new mobility services, ever shorter innovation cycles, networked vehicles, efficiency with an increasing variety of products and services and the transition to electric mobility are intensifying global competitive pressure. This calls for continuous change, based on high employee skills and adaptive management systems.


BorgWarner, Läpple, Tenneco, Audi, ZF, VW, Ejot, Daimler, ThyssenKrupp, Baillard, Allgaier, Vibracoustic, Veritas

Machinery & Industrial Engineering

Machinery and industrial engineering

On the one hand, mechanical and plant engineering has to react to general trends such as volatile energy & raw material prices, digitisation, intensified international competition and growing demands for sustainability. On the other hand, industry-specific trends such as increasing competitive pressure, especially in emerging markets, call for a development of products with lower costs and less requirement of maintenance.


Wirth, Sartorius, Ipsen, Heller, Demag, Röchling, RAG, Kugler-Womako, Körber, DeTeWe, Siemens, KRW



The Energy and environmental industry is confronted with unstable prices for ressources, a rising number of competitors, unforseeable and disruptive technologies and versatile governmental regulations. These factors challenge even settled companies in the energy sector and forces them to develop new business models or initiatives to diversify the risk of the old business models and external influences.There have to be customised approaches for the future business strategies to ensure growth and a manageable risk level for the coming agenda.


RWE AG, E.ON, Vattenfall

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Chemical sector

Modular & networked equipment, automated process control, predictive maintenance or asset performance management solutions are just a few examples that the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are currently addressing. High complexity and specificity of products and shorter delivery times require a flexible and agile approach. BeSt helps companies in this area by improving operational efficiency, redesigning the supply chain, and increasing asset uptime.


Vinnolit, Wolff Cellulosics, Süd-Chemie, CZEWO, DyStar, BASF, ASK, LANXESS, Altana, Nordenia, Infraserv, LEIPA

Healthcare & Medical Technology

Healthcare and medical technology

Major shifts in the health care environment get increasingly difficult for medical technology companies to ensure growth and profitability.
A run into new products and segments must be managed, most of all, the challenging step to digitisation for the company itself and, in particular, for their customers through robotics and AI technology.
New product and business model innovations, structured M&A activities, and a stronger focus on operational excellence are required to win the challenging game of preventing cost reduction initiatives and, in the following time, the lost of scope of action.


Hartmann, KOB GmbH

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods industry

Increasing customer demands & price pressure, changing consumer behavior and digital transformation are fundamentally changing consumer markets. International and global brand management presents new challenges for marketing. Innovation remains the most important driver. Sales is turning into strategic business development, sustainability and social responsibility setting clear boundaries.


Toshiba, Bosch, Epson, Xerox, WMF, Radeberger Gruppe, Samsung, Duravit, Städtler, Wolf Garten

Banks & Investment


The financial services sector is facing massive structural changes. The drivers of this development are a significant change in customer behavior, the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements, more intense cost pressure and increasing digitisation, as well as the ongoing low interest rate phase. At the same time, the industry is in the midst of a profound crisis of confidence. These problems call for complex, interlinked solutions that complement each other.


L-Bank, LBBW, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, H+H, Fachhochschule Köln, Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank, BWK

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