Management Cockpits: Monitoring Trends Beyond KPIs

Efficient new tools to support change processes

BeSt Management Consultants strengthened their partnership with Swiss Consulting firm Z-PUNKT CONSULTING to jointly offer web-based process and organizational monitoring tools to the top management of our client companies.

Whenever companies are faced with complex challenges, for example operation in multiple locations or in different business units, it is crucial to monitor how well the internal collaboration really is, how smooth transformation processes are being accepted and driven forward; and how well-coordinated and harmonized upper and middle management are.

The analytical and monitoring tool developed by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING are based on regular short internal surveys among managers at different levels. It allows differentiating areas that work well from problematic ones, and thus enables top management to change course where needed before bigger damage occurs. Particularly during the Corona crisis and its new challenges of a more agile and digital work environment, it is paramount for management being alert and proactive and able identify and respond to new trends in a timely manner.

You can benefit from the unique synergies of the joint experiences of BeSt Management Consultants and Z-PUNKT CONSULTING. Our clients will receive effective and cost-efficient monitoring capabilities augmenting existing KPIs. Have a look at the Organizational Cardiogram (OCG) or the Modern Work Cardiogram (MWC) in the following two short videos:

Tell us more about your organization and we demonstrate how monitoring tools can support your change processes.

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