BeSt Performance Academy

The BeSt Performance Academy offers several professional training programs, that can be performed at the BeSt Academy or on-site at your location to qualify and train your employees.

The portfolio of tutorials and trainings for Lean Principles and Smart Factory are conducted by our experienced Six Sigma and production experts to be fit and prepared for the challenges of digitisation and production matters.

As sales and implementation partner of Shoplogix, BeSt offers customer-oriented and purposeful trainings, which educates you in terms of Performance Management in the main focus of production.

If we have aroused your interest or in terms of a need for training measures, you may directly contact us via and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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BeSt Performance Academy

Our Training Program in Terms of Lean & Smart Factory

The BeSt Performance Academy offers the following seminar program:

  • Six Sigma trainings for several degree levels.
  • Lean Principle trainings for rookies, sophisticated persons and experts in the field of purchase, planning, supply chain and production.
  • Digitisation workshops und trainings to educate your employees in the thematic fields of Smart Factory and Performance Management with IoT.

Find out more about our current seminar program to get to know our monthly schedule.

Training and seminar program (available at 01/2020)

Our Trainee-oriented educational Program for Shoplogix Users

Get in touch with the implementation workaround and the Shoplogix appliance in use. Educated experts show the possibilities of Performance Management and, if needed, conduct an on-site training and exemplary tutorial at your company. This will show the benefits of an IoT Smart Factory solution directly at your factory and machinery environment and how worthwhile digital transformation can be.

Training and seminar program (available at 01/2020)

Smart Factory and Shoplogix
Shopfloor training

Training Program for Inhouse Seminars and Tutorials at your Location

Our whole seminar programm can be conducted at your company or any of your plants in terms of a sufficient number of trainees at your location.

We offer a large portfolio of workshops conducted by lean experts, digital assessments with tutorials, Gemba Walks, and many more, to educate your employees in the thematic fields of Operational Excellence, Lean and digitisation.

Point of Contact:

+49 7023 9577 930

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